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Course Introduction /
Student Project Overviews

Public and Virtual Social Spaces is an interdisciplinary course where students develop projects that engage with specific sites and address sociability, technological mediation, and physical experience in those spaces. Student projects were responses to detailed prompts, exploring these core course themes. The projects utilized an unexpected breadth of tools and techniques including computer vision, public performance, embedded sensors, and projected installation.

Projected Monkey
A narrow alleyway formed by the space between a downtown building and open-air bar front, becomes a stage for passersby. The silhouettes of passing pedestrians, as seen by a computer vision system, influence a collection of visualizations projected onto the the building's facade, playing on the architectural elements in the site.
  Coffee 101
Sometimes projects can grow in surprising ways. In part, Coffee 101 was meant as an exploration of the prying influence of media on personal and social space. When executed however, an unplanned and even stronger effect was recognized on the students than on their audience and participants.
What kinds of rules apply to public space? If only temporarily, can public space be made private? Who is meant to enforce these rules? Using an established system for the leasing of public space, MySpace provides an account of the value of public land, sanctioned use, and stewardship.
During the day, the University Quad is an open, safe, and social space. At night buildings and trees cast a patchwork of shadows, significantly changing the character of the site. In soundscape the mood of the place is shifted over time and replayed. The piece creates an echo of the daytime Quad at night, showing traces of past activity, and reopening previously obscured territory.